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“I read once that to change your life you have to change your lifestyle. With your help I have done so much more than change my weight. Living your plan, I have a new wardrobe and a new outlook. I'm 58 and feel 18. Saturday I am doing a "mud and guts" 5K. My energy is amazing, my waist is amazing, and my sweetheart thinks I'm amazing. Thanks for your made all the difference! Bring it on!”    

P. Frasier,  Regional Accounts Manager 

“The Primal Health Nutrition program run by Wendy and her team was a superb way to meet my weight loss and health goals. Wendy went our of her way to make sure I was progressing, even meeting with me via Skype for our face-to-face sessions. I had never used the Skype technology before (believe it or not) and Wendy was patient as I learned the program. Keith and Wendy were always there for me, with encouragement, fitness plans/recommendations, food recipes, answers to my questions; basically everything I needed to know to meet my goals, which I was able to accomplish faster than I ever thought possible. The program seems revolutionary in this day and age, especially with all of the misconceptions we think we know about nutrition. The cost was reasonable and definitely a better plan than most for any guy to use!” 

R. Allred, Project Manager 

“We found Primal Health Nutrition when we were looking to make major changes in our approach to nutrition for our family. We have a busy lifestyle and two active teenagers. We fell into the fast "grab-and-go" lifestyle that took its toll on our health in regards to our immune system sand major lack of energy. Learning the proper way to eat was a bit challenging because we had to put ALL of what we learned from the media and years of programming and diet trends/fads out of our minds and look at a very simple, back-to-the basics, common sense approach; the way our ancestors ate. Once you get over all of the preconceived notions on eating it becomes really rather uncomplicated. Our children have all slimmed down and have embraced the changes we have made together as a family. Our 15-year old daughter is very much into the program and has taken a great interest in helping plan and cook healthy meals instead of eating on the go. Having Wendy's support has made it much easier for her when dealing with peer pressure and all of the junk teens eat. It's given her the confidence to make healthy choices because she knows it makes her feel better. My husband says Wendy is an Angel sent from God!  

T. Larghe, Executive Assistant 

"If you are reading this and thinking about doing or planning on doing the Primal Health Nutrition program, the best advice I can give anyone is to do it now. I watched a coworker of mine do the PHN program with amazing success, but I kept putting off doing it as well because the "timing wasn't right." Finally, one day I called Keith, and it was on.  I immediately watched the fat fall off my body and nearly five years later, I continue to be at my leanest since my 20s.

Once you get into it, looking in the mirror (and at the scale) will amaze you that fat/weight is literally falling off right before your eyes, quickly, and, with what seems like no sacrifice whatsoever. The PHN program will educate you on what to eat and why, and what not to eat and why; not just tell you what to eat. You will learn a way of living and eating that will provide you for a life (and for me, I feel a longer one) of healthiness. Your "diet" will be a noun and you will never need to go on another (verb) "diet" and watch your weight yo-yo ever again.

I know the education I received from Keith and Wendy has made me a healthier person. In addition to weight loss, I have more energy, better mental focus and calmness, better sleep, better moods, and little to no angst ever. I've also had my testosterone checked annually since I began the program and it is measurably up. My "traditional" markers such as triglycerides and glucose, which had been historically high, are all way down and at extremely healthy levels. I'm a much, much younger person today than I was five years ago and it is 100% because of Primal Health Nutrition!

My only regret is that I did not call and get started sooner. I know you will feel the same way once you reach out to them. If you would like to engage with me further on my incredible PHN journey, please reach out to me on LinkedIn and I will get back to you."

David Kubicki, Advertising, Marketing and Sales Mgr for Clear Channel Radio, Dallas, TX

“My personal journey at PHN was directed by Wendy Meyers. Her expertise, leadership and dedication to her clients' success is second-to-none. Not only was my journey with her a successful one for my health, it was for my Wife and Children as well. The education and mentoring we received through Wendy and Primal Health Nutrition was truly life-changing, and something no one will ever be able to take away from us. We continue to receive expert advise and guidance, even after program completion.”  

J. Mccoy, Corporate Safety Director  

“I have had the privilege of working with Wendy at PHN for over 5 years now. Her program has been very effective in helping produce some highly positive results in my overcoming some major health issues. The nutrition plan has given my immune system a much-needed boost. Wendy has always been a very positive and inspirational influence that I have needed to take the necessary steps to improve my health. She is very quick to respond to any questions I have with very current and updated information. Always upbeat and supportive.”  

Paul L.,  Senior Manager of  Transportation & Logisitics 


“Wendy is an awesome nutrition and weight loss counselor and coach. During each session, she provides as much information as she can possibly squeeze in to the time allotted. She provides constructive criticism when needed, and is always ready to help celebrate the little victories that go along with weight loss and health management. I would highly recommend Primal Health Nutrition to anyone who is serious about losing weight. I dropped 30 lbs in four months following their program. I couldn't be happier with my results” 

J. Arteritano, Senior Project Manager 

“If you know that you need to make some different choices to improve your health and your enjoyment of life, and are serious about changing your eating habits, then I heartily recommend that you contact Wendy Meyers at PHN today. While only you can control what you decide to eat, it might just be that you do not know exactly WHAT you are eating, and the direct impact that your current food choices have on how you feel, act, and relate to those that you love!  I was facing ( mid-50's, belly fat, Type 2 diabetes, bad sleep, irregularity...the list goes on and on ). The folks at PHN educated me about how my body chemistry ( and all of those negative symptoms ) were occurring in reaction to the poisonous food that I was choosing to eat on a daily basis. Once I began to associate my eating choices with an understanding of this cause & effect, I was able to follow their recommendations and have the HOPE and guidance that we all need to make these lasting and important changes. I have no doubt that I will achieve my 40 lb. weight loss goal, and reverse the diabetic condition of my body, adding years of health and prosperity to my life!”  

D. Johnson, Business Development Manager  

“I spent 30 minutes going over the PHN diet plan before I started and did not believe it would work. ‘Diet without calorie restriction and strenuous hours in the gym’ was something a three- decade dieter like me would love to hear, but believe? No Way!! Well, I'm now a believer. Not only have I lost weight (30 lbs) but I've learned so much about nutrition and how to eat correctly from Wendy. I really appreciate how she patiently explains away all the false information about food that's been put out by the media and even government organizations like the USDA. On the PHN program, I get to eat regular foods I buy at the grocery store or order at a restaurant, not packaged food, and eat til I'm full. There's absolutely no hunger , no calorie-counting, and no spending hours in the gym, and I still get to enjoy my beer! What a delight working with her.”  

G. Greeson,  Landman, Oil & Gas