About Our Program

No Calorie counting. No starvation, no endless hours at the gym.

Our program uses the latest, most cutting-edge science available to get you in the best health of your life, in the fastest time possible. We treat chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, hormone imbalances, flagging energy, anxiety/depression, and sleep problems, all WITHOUT DRUGS. Not only will you achieve the best health of your life, you'll see stubborn body fat melt away.

We have a 95% Success Rate

Our "Seal and Heal" tm nutrition program is customized to fit every client and their unique health and weight loss goals. Because many chronic diseases stem from poor gut health (also known as "leaky gut), our proprietary process helps to "seal and heal" the gut, which leads to substantially improved health and a leaner body in a matter of weeks (not years).

Our clients succeed because our plan is easy to follow. No  special foods are required (just wholesome foods you buy at the grocery store or order at a restaurant), and there's nothing else to buy, ever. We teach our clients how to wade through the the vast amount of nutritional advice on the internet, to discern what's real and what's hype. 

Our nutritional experts are there through every step of the process and our "coaching and accountability" model is unparalleled in the industry. At Primal Health Nutrition, we understand that if YOU don't succeed, WE don't succeed. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your long-term success.

Affordable Plans for Every Budget

We have programs to fit every budget and lifestyle. 

Travel for business? Not a problem! We'll go "on the road" with you to ensure your success! Busy Mom? We'll teach you how to ensure your entire family is getting the nutrition they need to be healthy, active and do well in school.

 Call us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your heath, increase your energy and lose those unwanted pounds in the process. This is the easiest, most effective program available, all from the convenience of your laptop or phone.

Get your FREE consultation today. You have nothing to lose, except those unwanted pounds and chronic health problems!

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